Paladin 1

Str – 16
Dex – 10
Con – 14
Int – 12
Wis – 10
Cha – 16

AC – 11
HP – 12
Fort – +4
Ref – +0
Will – +2
BAB – +1
CMB – +4
CMD – 14


Many nagaji served alongside the guardian naga Tlaaskap’Sshsa in her personal vigil at the Gallowspire, raised from their births to follow the serpent as one of many faithful soldiers. One of those duties is to bolster the garrison of the mortal city with her own blood, and it is in this way that the nagaji held a continued presence in the city. Most of those sent for such duty are posted to the army with the youngest and most inexperienced being given roles as city garrison. Kssht’hak is one of those few, now standing alongside barely a dozen of his brothers and sisters in the great city; and, in need of assistance from either his home or the people of this city he has turned to the underground hoping that other citizens have the courage to fight against whatever evil has invaded their city.


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