Typh Golden Hair


Ranger 1
Str 8
Dex 17
Con 10
Int 10
Wis 17
Cha 12
HP 11
AC 14
Fort 2
Ref 5
Will 3
CMB -1
CMD 12


At a young age a band of orcs murdered her parents and thought they had killed her as well but Typh managed to flee the scene and survive on her own in the wild for years. She has hated orcs since that day and they are her hated enemy! It wasn’t until her teens that she started venturing into the closest city, Vigil, to do some trading when people called her the girl with the Golden Hair. Eventually she moved into the city and adapted the name Typh Golden Hair where she practices and focuses her body with an athletic regimen and also practices archery constantly. She doesn’t have a lot of friends but she is a very happy person and people tend to love being around her. She prefers the company of other women and tends to be shy around people she likes. Most of her friends died within the first weeks of the besieging of Vigil and now again is faced with losing people she has cared about but this time she has the power to do something about it.

Typh Golden Hair

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